Dolores Carlos

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Ms. Carlos has worked for nearly 30 years as an advocate for health care, mental health care, emergency services, housing and tenants’ rights, and education for low-income communities, and in her current work, primarily for the Latino community. She also counseled women, and children, victims of domestic violence, chronically mentally ill homeless men and women and new immigrants, especially women. She has worked for 10 years for Maternal and Child Health Access as a Case Manager and Health Educator, in addition to her role as Arts Collective Coordinator. During that time, as noted, she taught at East Los Angeles Community College. Prior to that, she worked in Human Services, and Los Angeles Men’s Place on Skid Row, and as a community organizer for the Interfaith Hunger Coalition where she helped to bring the first Certified Farmer’s Markets to Los Angeles. She also lived and worked in Tijuana, Mexico for two years as part of Los Ninos, an organization that built homes and schools in communities surrounding the city’s garbage dump, and as a two-year member of the Los Angeles Catholic Worker Community lived and worked in the skid are of downtown Los Angeles providing a variety of social services to homeless men and women, and immigrant families from Mexico and Central America.






Ms. Carlos nominated in the area of Advancement in the Arts for her unique role in the preserving and encouraging women's native cultural arts from their countries of origin, mainly Central American counties and Mexico.